Hello you! My name is Ashley and this is my blog. Ashley Nachale & Co. is a personal blog with dynamic content. It is my latest creative project. AN & Co. is the manifestation of me challenging my boundaries and embracing a new chapter of life. 

This is me, and this is what I like to do.

At an early age I realized there were just some things I knew I loved. Writing was a definite. From writing sprang a love of other things like reading, greeting cards, movies, and music. All things that are linked with writing. The smell of a new book or journal, a greeting card in the mail (because I’m a fan of snail mail), and words that invoke emotion are just a few of my favorite things. In addition to literary love, I developed an appreciation for crafts, stationery, desk supplies, and all things organization.

So I’m a reader, a journaler, a scribbler, a photographer, a crafter, and novice artist to name a few. A creative. However, creative was never a word I would use to describe myself-until now. I’m accepting the role and excited about fully developing my capacity to be more creative in every way.

 AN & Co. is my opportunity to inspire others and share as I grow myself. In essence it’s a digital publication of the on goings of my desk and a bit of life away from my desk. Through this blog you gleam a look at my hobbies, interests, and life happenings. My creative life! 

All this added with my love of God and desire to promote positive inspiring content formed Ashley Nachale & Co. This is an environment where others interested can participate, learn, and contribute. My prayer is that you gain something from this blog.