Hello! Welcome to Ashley Nachale & Co.!

I’m Ashley and this blog is my hobby haven. The purpose was to create a personal blog to share my hobbies & interests. Hopefully by doing so I can create an environment for connection for and to those that are interested in the same areas. AN & Co. is for the curious, the novice, the expert, and everyone in between. I’ve gathered tons of information and inspiration from other bloggers and vloggers over time and just maybe I can help someone as well.

What are my interests you ask? Well there are so many! However for now posts will vary from paper-crafting (DIY greeting cards, embellishments, paint techniques,etc), photography, books, journaling, planners, and office supplies/stationery. Also I’ve included a post category called Everyday Everything for the everyday life kind of posts. Checkout each category to find out more.





Planner Life

Desk Décor

Everyday Everything

I’m thrilled about this blog! This is my desk and glimpses of life that happen away from it! This is me, and this is what I like to do. You’re welcome to come take a look and join in!


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